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Portrait Commissions in Soft Pastels

'Girl in Pink Scarf' (16" x 20" / 40.5 cm x 51 cm) is an example of a portrait in soft (dry) pastels. Pastels is a beautiful medium for portraits, as its velvety texture imitates the texture of skin, and it reflects the light differently at various angles. Portraits make a uniquely personal gift and heirloom. Framed under glass, they will last for centuries. From USD 1,200, unframed. Discounts apply for more than one commission. Contact me for more information.

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Portrait Commissions in Oils

'The Artist's Daughter in Kimono and Coral' (18" x 24" / 45.5 cm x 61 cm) is an example of a portrait in oil paints. Oil portraits, being a most durable medium with a softly lustrous finish, boast a distinguished, elite history. In the portrait pictured, I chose to portray my daughter in European 19th-century style, when many artists came under the influence of Japanese art. You may commission a portrait in an antique kimono (that goes for men, too, as I have men's kimonos!), or opt for a much more contemporary look. Portraits this size and larger start at USD 1,500 unframed. Contact me to discuss further.

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Floral Commissions 

'Panorama of Peonies' (oil, 32" x 62" / 81 cm x 157.5 cm) is a floral designed to hang above a queen-size bed (or any other place in the home that suits this size, such as a living or dining room). Commission a floral artwork in a wide variety of choices, in oils, pastels or watercolours to the size and colour scheme you want. Ask about your favourite flower! An oil painting the size of 'Panorama of Peonies' is valued at USD 5,750, but prices for commissions start as low as $200. If an original doesn't fit your budget, many of my floral artworks are also available in prints. 



"We own several large paintings by Fiona, some florals and a landscape, which sit beautifully in our mountains home. The landscape, situated in a recess in our entrance hall, stops visitors in their tracks as they enter! It depicts a local landscape, so it's a wonderful introduction and welcome to our home. The painting of red waratahs [Australian native flowers] in one bedroom is just gorgeous. I see more in it each time I view it. I'm crazy about peonies, and the pink peonies painting [in another bedroom] is fabulous! The parrot tulips painting in our living room is just right for our contemporaty style of architecture and decor, especially the redish wood flooring. We were very happy to learn that Fiona grew up nearby, as we actively support local artists and artisans." -- Mr and Mrs. A, Glenbrook, NSW, Australia

"I am still so in love with all my paintings which I acquired from you so many years ago. They haven't aged a bit in their appearance and they are not dated in the subject matter. They look as if they were freshly chosen and painted. ... thank you for your beautiful representations of our precious natural beauty. My visitors at Wombat's Guesthouse here in Glenbrook often remark on how attractive the paintings are. They are such a happy yet soothing presence in all the rooms. They each reflect a unique personality and character of their own. So their placement in my home makes them special.
I am watching out for other works to enhance the experience of my guests by introducing them to more images like the one you have just sold which reflect our bush landscapes. I think it adds so much to their experience when they stay in premises where they are surrounded by the beautiful work of Blue Mountains artists.
Thanks again, because I can truly say I have never regretted any of my purchases from you. My enjoyment of each piece has grown over the years."  -- Christine Bruin, 'Wombat's at Glenbrook', Glenbrook, NSW, Australia


‘Peonies for Cara’

Oils on poly-cotton canvas, 24” x 24” / 61 x 61 cm.

“I cannot thank you (and my mum [for commissioning it]!) enough for my beautiful painting!! It is absolutely stunning, and I have hung it across from my bed so I see it first thing in the morning. Thank you so so much for it, it is something I will treasure forever, always remembering my 21st birthday.” - Cara H. (florist)


‘Pink Waratahs 1’

Oils on poly-cotton canvas, 42” x 42”.

"Fiona Craig is the best Australian native flower artist! The three "waratah" paintings from her are the envy of our friends. They are unique, relaxing, 3-D-like masterpieces. They are awesome! The last, a commissioned work she made for us, was delivered in a timely manner". -- Mr and Mrs S., Sydney, Australia

LR_20%_Fiona-Craig_Blue-Mountains-White-Waratah_oil_48x48ins_2018 (1 of 1)-2.jpg

‘Blue Mountains White Waratah’

Oils on poly-cotton canvas, 48” x 48”.

"I am absolutely delighted with my commissioned painting of a single, white waratah by Fiona Craig! It suits the living room of our apartment [overlooking Sydney Harbour] perfectly. I am also very happy to learn that Fiona acquired the flower itself from a grower in the Blue Mountains, as that location has significant visual and emotional appeal to me. Everyone I show photos of Fiona's paintings to is astounded!" -- Mrs A., Sydney, Australia

LR_25%_Fiona-Craig_Sepia-Portrait-of-Xander_pastels-and-charcoal-on-ColourFix-Paper_2018 (1 of 1).jpg

Sepia Portrait of Xander

“The portrait of my two year old son that Fiona expressed through pastel and charcoal is something that I will treasure forever. Fiona observes her subjects in a quiet and unobtrusive way, allowing the subject to act as they always do. The endearing expression of my son that Fiona captured is so familiar and natural. It is gentle and contemplative, thought provoking and timeless.” Jacqueline S.