Fiona Craig with 'Floralscape 3', oils, 42" x 36" x 1.5"., Chicago, 2018.

Fiona Craig with 'Floralscape 3', oils, 42" x 36" x 1.5"., Chicago, 2018.




Fiona Craig is a fine artist and art teacher, painting flora, landscapes, still life and portraits. Her style is contemporary realism, in media oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels, or mixed media. She enjoys travel and painting the natural environment.

Fiona has exhibited in galleries, taught art to adults and children, and worked by commission for several decades. Her artworks are in private and public collections worldwide.

Art Classes: Fiona Craig is currently available to teach art classes and workshops at Evanston Art Center and Ice House Gallery, Evanston, Chicago. She is also planning upcoming workshops in Australia in 2019 (dates and venues TBA). See Classes page for details.


Pastel Society of Australia

International Honours Society (The University of Sydney, Pacific Region)

Gallery Representation:

Coldstream Gallery, Ulmarra, NSW, Australia; Day Fine Art, Blackheath, NSW, Australia; The Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral, NSW, Australia; and Wentworth Galleries, Sydney, Australia.

Online Galleries: Artfinder; Bluethumb; PatronArt; Saatchi Art.

Current Exhibition, May 12th -July 21st: Essentia Chicago, Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL, USA.


2018: Essentia Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

2017: Artshow Chicago: 'Environment', Chicago, IL, USA

2017: The Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral, NSW, Australia

2017: Groshek Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

2017: The Belmont by Reside Living, Chicago, IL, USA

2016: REDSEA Gallery, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

2016: Wentworth Galleries, Sydney, NSW, Australia

2013 - 18: The Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral, NSW, Australia (group shows)

2012: Wentworth Galleries, Sydney, Australia

2009: Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonia, TX, USA (group show)

2008: 'Out from Down Under', Agora Gallery, NYC, New York, USA 

2006: Convergence Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA

2000: Salmon Galleries, Sydney, NSW, Australia

1996: Linggar Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

1992: The Bell Gallery, Bowral, NSW, Australia

1991: Beaver Galleries, Canberra, ACT, Australia

1989: Von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

1989: Holdsworth Galleries, Wollahra, NSW, Australia

1988: Convergence Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

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1987: Von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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1982 - 2000: Christopher Alexander Gallery, Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia

1981: Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney, NSW, Australia

1979: The University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia